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Affiliate partnership

Become an affiliate - Real cash for real recommendations

The Scalerose affiliate program invites you to promote our products (on your website, forum, blog, chats, Instagram, facebook etc.). Therefore you will receive a unique affiliate link by the form of which you are free to share everywhere.

Simply share your unique affiliate link and receive attractive gratifications from the net sales.

Please refer to the Affiliate program information and fill out this non-binding form. We will contact you shortly. 


Every purchase generated through that links allows you the following gratification:

1% commission rate on sales value GDP 0-1999

1.5% commission on sales generated between GDP 1999 - GDP 3999

2% commission on sales generated between GDP 3999 - GDP 5000

2.5% commission on sales generated above GDP 5500


Please note that products of the category accessories/luxury are exempted of this counting and B2B clients are excluded as well as 2D payment users (sorry there is just too much fraud)! 

Due to bad experiences with fraudulent affiliates in the past, we reserve the right to terminate cooperation with you at any moment for no giving reasons. There is no legal right claiming the commission amount. 

Payment is issued always the 30th of the following month (meaning if someone purchased on 30th of March, the payout happens on the 30th of April). 

If you are a legit affiliate, there should not be any issues. Start earning commissions today!

Affiliate partnership
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